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Ron Williams

Motivational Speaker & Coach

| Being a Student Athlete | Lessons Learned from a Student Athlete, Military Officer, and Corporate Leader | Preparing to Win |

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Servant Leadership
for a Purpose Driven Life

“A successful career in basketball, the military, and as a human resources and talent acquisition executive, has given me a unique perspective on transitioning through different seasons of life. Over the course of my transitions, I’ve had the opportunity to coach and mentor young adults as well as senior-level professionals to their purpose.”


Ron Has Always Been a Great Teacher

"Ron has always been a student, great player and teacher of the game of basketball and a WINNER! His knowledge of the X's and O's is second to none, and he knows what it takes to be a Champion and always prepares as such, from his first competitive competition. He has helped me become successful in my path to Greatness as a teammate on the National High School Champions (West Philadelphia High School Speedboys), and his guidance to my success at Duke University and the NBA. Off the court, his teaching of respect for community and of one self, has touched many lives, mainly me. There is no doubt, that anyone who has the opportunity to receive a portion of his teachings, will benefit them to have a successful path toward bettering their abilities in sports...and in life."

-Gene Banks | NBA San Antonio Spurs

Ron Has Always Been a Great Teacher

“Ron Williams has been one of the better cerebral basketball players that I have had the opportunity to play with and against. His fundamental skills and knowledge of the game is what stands out among the rest. The boxing out, unselfishness, taking care of the ball, and relentless hustle sets him apart from others. Ron Williams was part of and helped a dynasty come into existence at West Philadelphia High in the mid 1970's (played with NBA standout Gene Banks). However, what I appreciate most about what Ron brings to the table is that all of the attributes before mentioned, is that those attributes transcend into other sports and ultimately real life for Ron. His persona allows him to be a mentor, guide, father figure, brother, husband, coach and with much gratitude, a great friend.”

-Larry Gainey | Retired Basketball Coach

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